Arts and Artefacts

In 1785 the Empress of China returned to Boston harbour laden with tea, cotton, silk, and spices. There were, however, many other Chinese curiosities on board in the form of artworks and artefacts, and some of these are showcased in China, America and the Pacific.

The Winterthur Library, for example, hosts a wide and varied series of Chinese watercolours that made their way to America from the East. These paintings were often created and sold in sets, and ranged from the beautiful Album of Chinese Costumes, c.1850 – c.1860 and Album of Insects, c.1850 – c.1860, to the more curious album of Chinese Paintings of Punishments of Criminals, c.1800-1900. These offered perfect souvenirs for merchant traders visiting Canton, as they were snapshots of Chinese society and culture. Characters and landscapes were portrayed with vivid colours that represented a surreal depiction of China as a beautiful, refined, artistic civilisation.

Account of a Portrait of Robert Bennet Forbes Painted by George Chinnery at Guangzhou 1832; 1838 Manuscript
Album of Chinese Costumes n.d. Painting
Album of Chinese Costumes, c. 1850 - c. 1860 c.1850-1860 Painting
Album of Chinese Furniture, [c. 1840 - c. 1860] c.1840-1860 Painting
Album of Insects, c.1850 - c.1860 c.1850-1860 Painting
Album of Ships and Fishing Boats, c. 1840 - c. 1860 c.1840-1860 Painting
Album of Silk Production, 1849 1849 Painting, Photograph
Barque Richard Parsons 1889 Painting
Benjamin Cartwright Sketches n.d. Ephemera
Boston Harbour 1853 Painting Lane, Fitz Henry
Canton Overseas Trading Company Chinaware and Sundry Catalogue 29 Dec 1933 Catalogue, Scrapbook
Cap Vendor's Shop, Canton 1843 Illustration Allom, Thomas
Carrying Basket 1920 Object
Catalogue... Vantine's the Oriental Store 1920 Catalogue
The China Tea Trade 1790-1800 Painting
Chinese Box c. 1700 Object
Chinese Cinnabar Carved Lacquer Box c. 1700 Object
Chinese Export Cabinet n.d. Object
Chinese Export Dressing Table Top c. 1780 Object
Chinese Fan 1734 Object
Chinese Gilt Hall Stand c. 1850 Object
Chinese Imari Punch Bowl c. 1720-1730 Object
Chinese Lacquer Box c. 1700 Object
Chinese Merchants n.d. Painting Mazer, Carl Peter
Chinese Pagoda 1842 Painting Borget, Auguste
Chinese Paintings of Macao and Canton, c. 1820-1840 c.1820-1840 Painting
Chinese Paintings of Punishments of Criminals, c. 1800-1900 c.1800-1900 Painting
Chinese Plate, Tea Bowl, Coffee Cup and Saucer n.d. Object
Chinese Porcelain Bowl c. 1770 Object
Cider Jug c. 1807 Object
The Crating and Packing of Bowls and Dishes c. 1800 Painting
Dashing Wave Clipper Ship off Boston Light 1855 Painting Bradford, William
Diary Kept in Japan 1877-1878 Journal, Manuscript
Drawings 1-7, Flowers and Corn n.d. Painting
Drawings 15-21, Flowers and Fruit n.d. Painting
Drawings 22-28, Fruit n.d. Painting
Drawings 29-35, Fish n.d. Painting
Drawings 36-42, Flowers and Fruit n.d. Painting
Drawings 43-49, Flowers n.d. Painting
Drawings 50-55, Flowers, Fruit, Corn n.d. Painting
Drawings 56-61, Birds n.d. Painting
Drawings 62-66, Birds n.d. Painting
Drawings 67-74, People in Costume n.d. Painting
Drawings 75-82, People in Costume, Interior and Terrace n.d. Painting
Drawings 8-14, Flowers n.d. Painting
An East Perspective of the City of Philadelphia c. 1790 Painting
Factories at Canton, From the Harbour, China 1850 Painting
Fan Tan Set 1900 Object
Fan-Tan Beads and Basket n.d. Object
The Frigate USS Essex c. 1800 Painting Howard, Joseph
Fur Trade in Alaska, Fort Saint-Michel 1867 Painting Hildibrand, Henri Theophile
Fur Trappers in Canada 1880 Illustration
The Harbour of New York 1885 Painting Chase, Henry
Harvesting Tea Leaves n.d. Illustration
Home of a Chinese Merchant 1843 Painting Allom, Thomas
The Hongs of Canton c. 1852 Painting Tinqua
Images of Whaling c. 1830 Object, Painting, Print
Ink Blotter n.d. Object
Leather Ticket Holder 1906 Object, Ephemera
Letters from James Murray Forbes in China to Edith Forbes 1864 Manuscript, Correspondence Forbes, James Murray
Mah Jongg Set c. 1920 Object
Manhattan 1837 Painting
Manila, Philippines c. 1880 Painting
A Market in Macao n.d. Painting Borget, Auguste
Minton Tea Cup c. 1935 Object Minton
Mouth of the Passig River c. 1845 Painting Lozano, Jose Honorato
New York and Brooklyn c. 1800 Painting Lochner, J H
New York and its Environs 1867 Painting
Opium Chest c. 1900 Object
Opium Fork c. 1900 Object
Opium Lamp c. 1900 Object
Opium Lanterns c. 1900 Object
Opium Pipe c. 1900 Object
Opium Scales Container c. 1900 Object
Orozimbo Fan c. 1806 Object
Otter Creek, Mount Desert 1850 Painting Church, Frederic Edwin
Packing Tea into Boxes c. 1700 Painting
Pai Gow Set c. 1900 Object
Partial Dinner Service c. 1810 Object
Partial Orange Tea Service c. 1850 Object
Partial Tea Service c. 1800 Object
Partial Tea Service with Gilded Border c. 1800-1810 Object
Plate with Bird and Flowers c. 1730-1740 Object
Porcelain Factory c. 1800 Painting
Porcelain Vase c. 1736-1795 Object
Portraits of Nantucketers 1804-1870 Object, Painting
Punch Bowl with Chrysanthemums c. 1755-1770 Object
Punch Bowl with Peacocks c. 1740-1770 Object
Rail Section 1885 Object
Salem Harbour 1953 Painting Lane, Fitz Henry
San Francisco c. 1850-1852 Painting Marryat, Francis Samuel
A Sea Witch Clipper c. 1800 Painting
Serving Dish c. 1935 Object Limoges
Shawl Box, Liner and Shawl c. 1850 Object
Ship Alfred of Salem 1806 Painting Cammillieri, Nicolas
Ship Going Out, Fort Independence, Boston Harbour 1832 Painting Salmon, Robert
Ship Henry Astor c. 1830 Object, Painting
Ship Houqua 1841 Painting Birch, Thomas
Silk Shop c. 1825 Painting
South-Eastern View of Nantucket n.d. Object, Illustration, Print
Statue of Liberty, New York Harbour 1890 Painting
Tea Culture c. 1800 Painting
Tea Store, China n.d. Illustration
Tea Tree 1820 Painting
Tea-Making c. 1790 Painting
Teapot, Cream Pitcher and Tea Box c. 1818 Object
Thomas Handasyd Perkins 1832 Painting Sully, Thomas
Tiger's Mouth, Canton, China c. 1815 Painting
The Trapper's Return 1851 Painting Bingham, George Caleb
Trappers Starting for the Beaver Hunt 1837 Painting Miller, Alfred Jacob
Tureen Cover and Stand 1736-1795 Object
Urn with a Pair of Fo Dog Candlesticks c. 1804-1810 Object
Vase and Washbasin c. 1860-1870 Object
View of Boston From the East 1848 Painting Burton, Charles
A View of Calcutta 1837 Painting Fraser, James Baillie
View of Canton 1860 Painting Tinqua
View of Canton c. 1800 Painting
View of the Foreign Factories, Canton c. 1800 Painting
View of Hong Kong c. 1800 Painting You Qua
View of Manila, Philippines 1826 Painting Choris, Ludwig Louis
View of Port Louis, Mauritius 1848 Illustration
View Taken on the Esplanade, Calcutta 1797 Painting Daniell, Thomas
Weighing and Purchasing Tea c. 1860 Painting Tinqua